Evaluating the Students Perception of Academic Learnin Environments in AL-Kindy Collage of Medicine .Precision of pachymetric measurements with Scheimpflug –Placido disc cornealTopography and comparison of these measurements with ultrasonic pachymetry Estimation of post- mortem interval by some biochemical changes of vitreous humor. Major inflammatory patterns of chronic sinonasal diseases and their accompanied anatomical variations; CT scan reviewResidual cardiovascular risk in diabetes and obesity: Targeting lipid abnormalities other than LDL cholesterol Review ArticleVancomycin resistance among methicillin resistant Saphylococcus Aureus isolates from general hospitalsKnowledge, attitude and practice regarding measles vaccine campaign among medical and engineering students: Baghdad, 2011Magnetic resonance imaging findings of knee injuryWeight loss program outcome of obese attending AL-Kindy obesity research and therapy unitCorrelation between magnetic resonance imaging and intra-operative findings in disc herniation at lumbo-sacral regionSerum anti-Mullerian hormone level as a marker of polycystic ovarian syndrome in Iraqi womenEstimation of vitamin E level and its relation to lipid profile in patients with type II Diabetes MellitusOrganizational and behavioral determinants of health information system performance in IraqExtrapituitary prolactin –1149 G/T promoter polymorphism in some rheumatoid arthritis patientsEffects of local Infiltration of Bupivacaine in total hip and knee replacement for post - operative analgesiaEpidemiological characteristics of acute symptomatic hepatitis A in Al Alwyia pediatric teaching hospital during 2013 .Gene frequency and haplotype analysis of HLA class I in patients with simple renal cystsSymptoms profile of patients with major depression in BaghdadCompound fractures of the hand metacarpals and phalanges treated by using mini-external fixatorSurgical –Audit on breast cancer risk factors in AL-Russafa district in BaghdadThe frequency of hypoglycemia in macrosomic neonates in Amarah governorate, IraqA study of the effect of smoking on pulmonary function tests in AL - Kindy teaching hospital, Baghdad*Aneurysmal bone cyst of the lateral end of clavicle in a twelfth year old girl Case studySerological and histopathological study of thyroid diseases, prospective studyStudy of Factors Associated with Childhood NephroticSyndrome, FrequentRelapsing and Infrequent RelapsingTypeEpidemiological, Clinical, and immunological characteristics of Mycoplasma pneumonia infections among a group of hospitalized children in Suleimani city/Iraq .Normal bowel habits in a sample of healthy Iraqi populationThe Role of Interleukine-33 in Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseExtra-Anatomic prosthetic bypass grafts in management of Sub-inguinal vascular infectionsThe effect of cigarette smoking on the clinical outcome of pulmonary tuberculosis in Iraq .Relationship between very low birth weight neonates and increased neonatal mortality for age 0 to 7 daysEvaluation of D-Dimer in the diagnosis of suspected deep vein thrombosisEffectiveness and safety of non-fixation method in cochlear implantationLeptin and Insulin Resistance in Obese ChildrenEffect of early laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Acute CholecystitisSurgical variables analysis of 116 cases of ovarian cystic diseases in Al- Elwiya maternity teaching hospital at 2013Ultrasound assessment of normal splenic length and spleen to left kidney ratio in sample of Iraqi populationEfficacy of atorvastatin in treatment of Iraqi obese patients with hypercholesterolemiaIs Elective Interval Appendicectomy after Successful Initial Conservative Management of Appendicular Mass Necessary?The Efficacy of fractional CO2 laser in management of surgical wound scarsUnstable Angina /Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Frequency of Conventional Risk Factors; TIMI Risk Score, and Their Impact On Angiographic Data Medical students’ attitudes concerning medical ethics courses in AL-Kindy medical college 2013-2014Low dose tadalafil effect on anthropometric and metabolic parameters in Iraqi diabetic obese menThe prevalence and antimicrobial sensitivity of Esbl Escherichia Coli. in clinical isolatesLimping in twenty years old male A Case ReportChange in Taste in Diabetic Patients with Facial Nerve PalsyEfficacy & safety of Desmopressin in the treatment of pediatric nocturnal enuresisMicrobiology of active chronic otitis media: in comparison with abroad studies A Case of Intermuscular Lipoma



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